Monday, March 2, 2009

Video from Krka National Park

I seached youtube for videos from Krka National Park in Croatia. On my last post I showed some pictures, but a video gives another impression. A lot of films of Krka are found on youtube, but I found one I liked better than the rest.

This video does not only show the waterfalls but also what the river traditionally ment for the locals. In addition we also get cuts showing fish swimming in the river. It seams that a snake is trying to catch small fish (?) but with no luck.

The waterfall near Skradin and the island with the monastery are also on the video. Here are more Krka pictures.


  1. Hi - I am heading to Croatia in a few months. Your pictures and this video is ace, I can't wait to come. I have to say that some of my locations will be chosen from what I have seen here! Will let you know more when I actually get here!

    Happy Travelling
    Overland Wannabe

  2. Great! I will visit Croatia in june, but until then I have to look at pictures and dream.