Monday, August 24, 2009

Fire-planes over Ciovo

From my apartment in Seget Vranjica I can see the island Ciovo south of Trogir (see trogir on a map). One morning (26th of July) the noice of planes woke me up. From my balcony I could see four yellow planes.

I could also see smoke from several locations on Ciovo. Then I realized that the planes were water-dropping planes.

The picture above shows Okrug Gornji (in Ciovo) and the fire in the hills northeast of the settlement. After dropping the water the planes were filled up with more water from the bay between Seget Vranjica and Ciovo (seen on the picture below).

For hours the fire-planes flew back and forth in order to stop the fire - and they did. On the pictues below you can see fire-planes dropping water on the south-western part of Ciovo.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fishing boats in Rogoznica

Rogoznica in Croatia has a long tradition as a village for fishermen. Two weeks ago I visited Rogoznica which now is dominated by yachts and sailboats in the beautiful marina. Some fishing boats were still to be seen and below you can see one of them. In the bacground you can see the famous Marina Frapa (see Rogoznica on a map).

The next picture shows a traditional fishing boat and the beach in the background. Tourism has become more important than fishing, but at the restaurants you can enjoy fresh seafood caught by local fishermen.