Monday, January 16, 2012

Fireplanes over Seget Vranjica

It happens during the summer season, and this time there was a fire bihind the hills in the north of Seget Vranjica. Two fireplanes were flying over our apartment before they hit the surface west of Seget Vranjica.

In the harbour it was easy to hear the roaming from the engines each time the fireplanes returned from the mountains.

The planes hit the surface along the shoreline between Seget Vranjica and Poljica. We could not see where they dropped the water, but we could see smoke from the mountains in the north.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ruins in Solin

Last summer we took a trip to the old roman town of Solin a couple of kilometers north of Split.

It was a hot afternoon and fortunately we had brought some water in our bags. For an hour we walked among the ruins. Allthough the town was completely ruined long time ago, it is easy to be impressed by the remains revealed by archeologists. The picture above shows a part of the entrance to the roman amphitheatre from the 2nd-century. In the background we can see parts of Split.

Solin was once a proud roman town and the capital in this region of Croatia. In our imagination we can turn back the time and let us be amazed and impressed by the skills and effort that was needed in order to bulit a town like Solin. You will not regret spending an hour in Solin.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The red roofs of Dubrovnik

Today I wanted to show a couple of pictures of the old town of Dubrovnik. This unique town is the most famous destination to tourists visiting Croatia. Surrounded with its walls and towers the dense collection of buildings with red roofs gives a special impression of the town seen from above.

See more pictures of Dubrovnik.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fire-planes over Ciovo

From my apartment in Seget Vranjica I can see the island Ciovo south of Trogir (see trogir on a map). One morning (26th of July) the noice of planes woke me up. From my balcony I could see four yellow planes.

I could also see smoke from several locations on Ciovo. Then I realized that the planes were water-dropping planes.

The picture above shows Okrug Gornji (in Ciovo) and the fire in the hills northeast of the settlement. After dropping the water the planes were filled up with more water from the bay between Seget Vranjica and Ciovo (seen on the picture below).

For hours the fire-planes flew back and forth in order to stop the fire - and they did. On the pictues below you can see fire-planes dropping water on the south-western part of Ciovo.