Friday, March 6, 2009

Tucepi harbour

The small town Tucepi in Croatia is situated on the Makarska Riviera not far from Makarska. All though the towns on the Riviera is best known for their long beaches, most of them have a harbour. The pictures below show the harbour in Tucepi which is found in the southeastern part of the bay (see a map of Tucepi)

Most boats are used for recreational fishing but there are also a couple of purse seiners in the harbour.

Most of the boats are small and used by the locals. Most of them are equipped with lights used to attract squid (calamari) when fishing in the evening/night. If you are visiting Croatia in late summer or fall you will see the lights from the boats on the sea.

See more Tucepi pictures.


  1. At first glance that first picture looks like a dead giant octopus on a boat.

  2. Beautiful sceneries! I wish I could see those spectacular places personally!