Saturday, February 14, 2009

The pebble beach in Tucepi

One of the best things about Tucepi is the long pebble beach. It is said to be more than 3 kilometers long starting in the harbour and ending up at the western part of the bay near the hotels of Tamaris and Neptun. At first I was a bit worried about the pebbles but after a couple of hours on the beach both adults and children were convinced that the pebbles could compete with sand.
The pebbles make the beach bright and clean. I even dared to bring my camera without beeing afraid of small grains of sand that could damage the camera. Walking along the beach was OK, but I preferred sandals as a longer walk gave an impression of "too much" foot massage.

Between the beach and the promenade there are an alley of pine trees which made spots of shadows where you could redraw if you have had enough of the sun. The children loved this area where they also did some climbing in the trees. Near the centre of Tucepi restaurants are found along the promenade and we could enjoy our meals while the children hurried back to the trees and the beach just a few meters away.
The pebble beach is found in almost every town along this part of the coast. Long pebble beaches is also found in the nearest towns; Podgora and Makarska.

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