Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baska Voda in October

Baska Voda is one of the most popular towns on the Makarska Riviera. Two years ago I was in Tucepi on a holiday and we wanted to see more of this beautiful coastline in Croatia. First we went by bus to Makarska where we saw the harbour and the beach in the wester part of the town. A friend of us then recommended us to visit Baska Voda, and so we did.

15-20 minutes on a bus led us to the harbour in Baska Voda. We had heard about this popular and busy town but in October the town was quiet and peaceful. We went for a walk along the beach found in the centre of the harbor. At the end of the bay a new bay and a new beach started. We passed several hotels in the eastern part of the bay but we were the only ones who used the beach.

Back in the harbour we saw the statue of St. Nicolas. From the pier we could see the beach we had been walking on and the churches in the town. That view can be seen on the picture below.

Like the rest of the riviera Baska Voda also has those beautiful grey mountains as a background.


  1. i like the ambience :)
    nice post :) keep it up :)

  2. Awesome, always wanted to go to Croatia - I may do soon on my travels. Will be following your blog to find some of these little gems!

    Happy Travelling
    Overland Si

  3. Thanks for nice words. I can't wait to get to Croatia myself. Until then I'll look at my pictures and write about them.

  4. Very nice & fresh photograph.For vacation the spot is most beautiful.


  5. Thanks for adding me to your blog list-sorry I haven't seen it in time, but now I'll return the same way. Bye and good luck!

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